February 21st, 2017

The Vision For The Gem's Village

Sweet Friends I am thrilled to share that as of day 5 we have raised $6,525!! Totally amazing!! It also means that we are only  $33,475 to our land goal!! 
It might seem like a large number but we know that because Jesus loves our precious Gems, He called us to care for them and He will provide above and beyond all we can think or ask for.
You may ask why do we need such a large amount of land?
What will the acreage be used for?
We have many dreams for these rolling acres and I want to share with you so that you, also, can dream with us of the future of The Gem Foundation Village.


February 15th, 2017

The Gem Foundation Village 2017

We are so excited to share that we have identified the place where God has called us to build The Gem Foundation home and permanently settle!  After (literally) years of prayer, we have so much peace about this beautiful place.


We originally looked much further outside the city because the further outside you go, the easier it is to purchase a larger portion of land.  Of course, in our quest for the Gem's new home, we prayed and fasted for clarity and wisdom in finding the perfect place for us to settle. 

June 15th, 2016

Opio's Emergency Surgeries

Recently our precious Opio began to be very sick and weak.
His body had gotten weak and so we met and saw many doctors and specialists over the last few months.
He has had tests upon tests and many emergency appointments.

December 22nd, 2015

The Gem Village

There are so many ways you can be a part of building The Gem Foundation Village.

Would you please be a part of building our permanent home for our precious Gems?

December 19th, 2015

A Village for our Gems

Many months ago we began the journey of searching for a

forever home for our precious Gems.

Knowing we have been renting a place and that our space was limited it urged us, together with our board, to pray and ask God where He was calling us to settle.